Friday, March 5, 2010

Floral Pillows with Ultrasuede Petals

Store-bought cushions spring to life when adorned with pretty, handmade Ultrasuede florets. (Ultrasuede doesn't fray, which means the petals won't need to be hemmed.) Scatter them all over one side, or "flower arrange" just a few in one corner.

Pillows How-To
1. Photocopy template, enlarging or reducing as desired. Using template, cut out 4 petals from fabric.

2. Knot end of thread; sew a running stitch through bottom of petals, making 2 stitches for each.

3. Gently pull thread to gather petals, and knot thread.

4. Make 1 more stitch to connect last and first petals to form flower, then knot and trim thread.

5. Repeat, making flowers in a variety of sizes. Tack-stitch flowers to pillow in the desired pattern.

From Martha Stewart Sewing Projects

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  1. Thanks for cute idea for pillows, it's really nice. Regards from Croatia. Loredana