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Baby Handmade Tutorials

How-To: Diaper And Wipes Clutch


Introducing the Bapron! aka the "baby apron". I hope the name doesn't turn you off (I know it's hopelessly cheesy), but this bib is really cool! It provides a ton of coverage in the front, much like an adult apron, and ties in back with bias tape! It's easy to make-I can whip one out in less than 1/2 hour (I've made a dozen or so, so I'm getting pretty quick!), even with making the bias tape myself.

Here's the back view with the cute ties! love!

I do have to give a disclaimer-I didn't think of this on my own. (wish I was that cool) My good pal Aimee had a bib that I've always liked that she got in Japan-and so one day I finally cornered her convinced her to let me borrow it to trace for a pattern. Thanks Aimee! (that blue and green one below is her thank you bapron-I know, something boyish on this blog! carazay!)

Would you like to make one (or a dozen) of these for your own cutie, or for gifts? Then click below for more details!

You'll need:
main fabric (a fat quarter is plenty)

Side Note: Fabrics shown above are L to R Giddy by Moda from sponsor Ribbon Retreat, Midwest Modern by Amy Butler, gorgeous Riley Blake Sweet Dots, from my sponsor Fabric Closet,
 and Central Park by Kate Spain. (with Amy Butler polka dot trim)
fabric for bias tape, or store bought bias tape
thread, pins, sewing stuff

the FREE pattern (print at 100% scale, cut out and tape together on dotted lines.)

If you have issues downloading the pattern, feel free to email me for a copy. It's on Google docs and is free to download, I've had no issues myself as have lots of people, but don't hesitate to ask. It is free! Just please ask nicely, folks. Also, please don't request that I share the Google doc with you.

Please, for personal use only! 

If you would like to make Baprons to sell, check out the Limited Commercial License to sell here. 

Ok. First things first, let's lay the fabric and flannel out, wrong sides together. Smooth it out so there's no wrinkles.

Fold in half, and lay your pattern on the fold, then cut it out.

Iron it to get any stubborn wrinkles out, then pin around the outside.

Using a long stitch, baste around the entire bib, close to the edge. (about 1/8")


1. Cut strips of fabric on the bias. I cut mine 1.5" wide. (more on width options at the bottom of the post) Cut four pieces, one 34" long, one 31" long, and two pieces 10" long.

You can definitely adjust the length of the bias tape around the arms (the 31" long piece) on the Bapron, I felt like it was too loose on the first few I made so I changed it for the others, and in this tutorial.
2. Then iron the sides in 1/4".
3. Fold in half again and iron, creating your bias tape.
4. No step here...just admire your bias tape!?

Next, take your two 10" long pieces and pin them around the arm holes, enclosing the raw edges.

Then sew around the arm holes, close to the edge but making sure to catch the underside in your stitch.

Next take the 31" long piece and start pinning at the shoulders like so...

Then fold your bib in half to find the middle, same for the bias tape.

Then pin the middles of the bias tape and bib together. Continue pinning around the sides...the bias tape is a tad shorter so it will curve to fit around the shoulder better.

Then starting at one end, sew around the entire thing close to the edge.

Then find the middle of of the 34" piece of bias tape and pin it to the center of the neckline and continue pinning the bias tape up and around it.

Also make sure to pin the ties, they can get squirrely if you don't!

Then, sew it up!

Tie a knot in the ends, apply a little fray check if you wish...

and Voila!

A handy bib that covers more than the usual bib. A bib that goes above the call of duty. A bib that will save your life! (too dramatic? ok, but it will save your kid's clothes...) A bib that deserves to be called....

The Bapron.

DUN dun dun....

so here are some various bias tape widths that I made some baprons in. You can check them out and decided what width you prefer.

Thanks for reading! Let me know if you have any questions or problems downloading the pattern! And major thanks to my hubby who figures out how to upload my patterns for me! and one more fabric source-the cute owls on the right in the pic above is MoMo It's a Hoot in Marshmallow from my sponsor Lark Cottons!

And of course I'd love to see if you make any-so add them pics to the flickr group if you do!

Post Edit: A question about the size came up in the comments, and I wanted to post here that it fits larger kiddos as fits Sadie just fine, is a bit shorter on her but still fits! She's almost 3 and 30-ish lbs, so it works for a wide age range!

Oh yeah, Charlotte says hi.

This baby apron (or Bapron) from Jess of Craftiness is not Optional is a cute and practical project for wee ones. As Kelly at Oilcloth Addict points out, it would be especially nice if made out of a soft laminated fabric!

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