Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Bird on Branch Centerpiece

 Bird on the Branch Centerpiece inspired by Designer Angela Adams
Whip up a centerpiece that brings the outdoors in. I re-created the look with a quick trip to the craft store.

It doesn’t get easier than this.  You can find some branches in the woods, from your parent’s yard or wherever you can find them.  But I found this untreated Manzanita branch.   These branches are very strong and can be used to hang crystals, votive candles, flowers, and much much more!   Spray paint them.  I used Krylon spray paint   Get little fake birds (you can also modify this design...you can also use butterflies or raw cotton bulbs or paper flowers or…you get the picture.) and glue them on. Hot glue will work, but I don’t trust it on paint. I prefer Fabri-Tac (available like, everywhere).  BTW all supplies are bought from Micheal's.  You can make so much stuff from there when you let your creativity run wild. What’s fun about this is that it’s fast, easy and you can use it for dinner parties, Thanksgiving, Christmas and yes, weddings. Imagine an all white table setting with white branches with white birds with little tiny tealight glowing throughout? WOLLA! 

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