Monday, March 23, 2015

OWL Cross Body Bag

My tween inspired me to make this bag on a snowy day. 14 snow and ice events in the  Northeast. The snowiest winter ever.

We spent a few hours in the fabric store (Joann's) looking for the perfect fabric and supplies.... and then she finally made her choice.  She had a good eye like her Mommy, she picked the most cutest Owl textile design. 
At home, she said that she wants to help design her bag.  I showed her some bag design inspiration and found this pattern from Crazy Little Projects.  
She knew exactly what she wanted and gave me her drawings as how she wants her bag to look like. She helped with tracing and cutting the fabric...
When the bag was done, she looked so happy how it look on her and said "Thank you mom. It looks awsome!" She been bugging me for a while on when am I gonna make her a bag and then finally...   She said she enjoyed making the bag  and I too enjoyed making it with her :) That was a  nice Mother-Daughter bonding time.

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